Sevimli pet taxi, domestic and intercity pet transportation

One of the biggest problems we have today is your pet traveling by car. As a solution to this problem, we established the Sevimli Pet Taxi in 2018. We pick up your pet from the address you want, and drop it off at the address you want. We work with reservation one day in advance.

As a pet lover ourselves, we are on the way to become a company that does its job properly in this sector, as we know the problems people have with this issue.

With the knowledge and experience we have gained from our work, we offer you the most suitable solutions in the transfer service of our pets and we produce customer-oriented solutions according to the Pet Transfer method you desire.

Absolutely no tranquilizers, drugs or drugs are used during transportation.

For the health of our friends, vehicle cleaning is done oftenly after each transport.

You can contact us for detailed information and reservation.

Sevimli Pet Taxi Assurance

Relying on the quality of pet transfer service we have provided to you, we do not hesitate to sign our mutual agreement with those who wish while receiving and delivering your lovely friends from you.

Our vehicles

Araçlarımız her pet taksi ve transfer işleminden sonra dezenfekte edilmektedir.
Evcil hayvanlarımızın yolculuk sırasında canları sıkılmasın diye, kafeste oyuncaklarımız mevcuttur.
Yolculuk sırasında kafes temizliği için evcil hayvanlarımızın alt tarafına ped serilmektedir.


We Know They Are Valuable To You

You cannot stay away from your lovely friends who are part of your family. As we know this, we will bring your little friend to you in the most comfortable and fast way, wherever you are as Cute Pettaksi transportation and transportation services.


What Separates Us From Others

Our journeys are made in completely healthy environments. There is no mass animal transportation. We deliver from anywhere within 24 hours.

Pet Taksi Hizmetlerinde Firmalar Hangi Konulara Dikkat Etmeli?

Mistakes Made in Pet Taxi Service

In general, there are mistakes made by pet taxi cat dog pet transport companies as well as pet owners. This is because they don’t know who they entrust their little friend to.

Things to pay attention

For vacation or any other reason, you may want to transport your dear friend to the desired location. So what should you pay attention to while doing this? In line with the experience we have gained from the journeys we have made with our dear friends hundreds of times to date, we find it useful to pay attention to the following when purchasing pet transportation and transfer services.